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- Pirate relic and data sites can be found in all normal space regions, as well as in C1, C2 and C3 class wormhole ere are pockets of space populated with a variety of cosmic structures (i.e., wrecked stations, abandoned. The sites do not have any triggers or NPC defenders. In hi-sec the data sites are worth way more than relic sites. But you shouldnt be exploring in hisec/losec because the payout is terrible! Contents, scanning, main article: Scanning, the main object of an explorer is to track down hidden areas found in systems across all of the EVE universe.

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- You can be lucky to scrape a few 100k off a data site some times. Low-sec is more mixed but I have a feeling the quantity and quality of the loot in relic sites does over take the data sites somewhat just down to this scaling. General Data Sites - note: needs updating as of Frostline expansion (Data site buffs) These usually have payouts of around 5m, and their loot is bulkier than relic loot. Hack that can with the Relic Analyzer. Hic Sec Low Sec Null Sec C1 WH C2 WH C3 WH C4 WH C5 WH C6 WH Abandoned Research Complex NOT safe x Ghost Data Sites Is it "Safe"? In low-sec and other dangerous parts of space, you will want to explore from what's called.

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- Many people dont bother hacking data sites, and even remove data analyzers from their ships in order to fit more scanning upgrades. The Standard Sleeper Cache is a Cosmic Signature is a higher end and more complicated site which bears some resemblance to the basic Limited Sleeper ke the lesser version, these sites can be found in all areas. Ghost Sites are pirate facilities which can be hacked (like Data sites but which have unique mechanics which set them ey were introduced in the Rubicon expansion in late 2013. See the Wormholes information. Data and relic sites can be divided to 4 categories: Pirate data and relic sites, drone data sites, ghost sites. This site poses some risks, but it is not as dangerous as other Sleeper Caches.

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- They were tweaked in December 2015 per this thread from CCP RedDawn. Loot tables data/relic sites? Is there any consolidated information out there with details of potential can loot from data/relic sites? If you dont have any races frigate trained to V yet and are going to be doing a lot of exploring (or scanning in general Id recommend using the Caldari. 13:42:19 Combat 80 from Plasma Cloud - Hits 13:42:18 Combat 90 from Plasma Cloud - Hits 13:42:16 Combat 100 from Plasma Cloud - Hits 13:42:14 Combat 125 from Plasma Cloud - Hits 13:42:14 Combat 100 from Plasma Cloud.

This will center your star system map on the signature, and, more importantly, make the camera rotate around it (instead of around the sun which makes moving and aligning your probes much easier. Assuming the Remote Defense Grid Unit near the Tractor Beam was successfully hacked, the Sentry Guns in the back room enclave should not aggress while looting the cans. In certain regions there are also gas site combat sites. Relic Sites Is it "Safe"? Stack sizes are all uniformly distributed so a stack of 1 is equally likely to a stack. However, some level III sites may still be scanned by any ship if it is fitted with a Sisters core probe launcher. Assuming basic T1 frigates and standard cruisers like the Stratios, the only option is to slowboat to the Spatial Rift inside the site, ignoring all else inside the site. Hacking modules may be downgraded but site difficulty will increase notably, though pilot skill with the hacking minigame can compensate for Tech 1 modules. Probing Down an Exploration Site, the goal of probing is to increase a Signatures Signal Strength to 100. It's a rough hack, and speed counts too: be prepared to fail. Back Room Activate the Spatial Rift. This is a wireframe representation of the system you are currently in, complete with all the major celestials, like planets, moons and the sun. These sites contain two waves of rats and containers that need to be hacked to get access to the rewards. It is worth remembering that the explosion of the cans is always explosive damage, but the rats will deal damage according to their faction, so tank accordingly. (Activation proximity roughly 15km.) Some of the Sentry Towers in the back room will also agress. Thats the general area that your probes can currently scan. Hack the farther Mangled Storage Depot, and successfully hack the Alarm Unit. Quickly identify the one with the most valuable loot in it, either with a cargo scanner or by choosing an Intact or Pristine Depot at random: CAN difficulty: 6/10 - 8/10 relic yellow / RED hack success: Loot may be collected normally. 1200 EHP/sec is most likely sufficient to tank the clouds indefinitely. (It used to be Data or Relic, but became Data-only in December 2015). Orbit it at 2500m and hack. Activate any active hardeners; take the nearby Spatial Rift.

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